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Some of Our Previous Shows

Breathing The Dawn: Tales of Hidden Bulgaria


Dawn is breaking
But such a dawn as you have never seen.
The dawn is a young man riding on a horse.
The horse breathes and makes the dawn.
The moon is a ring on the young man’s finger,
And his weapons are small stars.

A gloriously dark tale about the legendary hero, Krali Marko and his magical horse, Sharkoliya, set in a golden age when anything was possible. They thunder through a mythic landscape where fierce women ride the whirlwinds, children ride on dreams and nightmares, and sparks fly from Sharkoliya's hooves. But can black Mother Earth hold Krali Marko’s unbridled power?

Breathing The Dawn is a hymn to the spirit of youth.  Leap into the saddle and ride....

Featuring Dessislava Stefanova, Bulgarian singer, and Galen Nikolov, Bulgarian musician

The Dark-Eyed Warrior: Tales of Hidden Bulgaria

In the shadowy world where truth lies, can the hero Doichin ever lay down his weapons? Is there anyone that he can trust?

The Dark-Eyed Warrior is a gripping tale about a warrior who finds a bride but loses his heart, a shining story about seeing and seeming, about betrayal, revenge and tricks of the light, fire and passion and second sight. A bearskin coat rides out from the forest, a hunter goes wild, and a blind man sees through a wolf’s eyes.

This dark Bulgarian epic lures you into a passionate primal world that offers a mirror for the modern age.

Featuring Dessislava Stefanova, Bulgarian singer

The Red Blood Rose: Tales of Hidden Bulgaria


A dark fairytale of first love set in the realm where childhood dreams meet nightmare reality. But in a savage adult world, just whom do you trust and where do you find the key to your heart? A wife runs wild, a monk shows a maiden how to dance, and from out of the forest comes a stag with the sun on its forehead, the moon on its breast and the stars upon its back…

With fierce exploits, love spells, strange wedding rites and blood sacrifice, these extraordinary tales from the heart of Bulgarian myth and folklore are revealed to UK audiences in English for the very first time.


Featuring Dessislava Stefanova, Bulgarian singer

The Dark Shining: Winter Tales of Hidden Bulgaria

A Christmas / winter special


December is a shining month when the white snow glistens in the darkest of nights. This is the hungry season when the veil between the wild and the civilised is thin. Wolves howl, evil spirits prowl and even parents turn cannibal. But within the darkness the winter fires burn bright with tales of hope and blessings for the future.

With a spellbinding mix of storytelling, ritual and evocative music, A Spell In Time brings these gloriously dark winter tales from the heart of Bulgarian myth and folklore to UK audiences for the very first time.

Header image: detail from "Samodivi," painting by Biserka Dobreva Petrova, 2004

“Ancient tales from the heart of Bulgarian myth and folklore...

A spellbinding mix of traditional storytelling, fascinating folklore and evocative music”

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