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Bulgarian Folk Dance Workshops


Bulgarian folk dances are characterised by their lively energy, grace, uneven rhythms and exciting footwork. Most of them are group chain dances and each region has a different style: from the fast footwork and shimmering shoulders of the Shoppe area to the slow poised balances of the Pirin region. With music that ranges from the hauntingly beautiful to the unstoppably compulsive, these dances are deeply enjoyable and highly sociable, and there is something here for everyone.

Bulgarian folk dances are definitely good fun, and the aim in all workshops is to achieve an equal balance between enjoyment and skills development. The workshops are suitable for those who are interested in learning the techniques of an unfamiliar form of dance that celebrates the joy of living and the power of the individual within the community.

  • Beginners/general workshops: For those with little or no experience, or for mixed abilities, this introductory workshop offers participants the opportunity to learn some fun dances and main moves, Bulgarian style.

  • Intermediate workshops: For those with some dance experience and an ability to pick up steps/rhythms more quickly, this workshop offers participants the opportunity to learn more complex dances and rhythms.



Standard workshops are two hours in length. Longer workshops are available by arrangement. The maximum number of participants is 30.


Participants need to bring soft, well-fitting shoes with a gentle grip (not ballet shoes or high heels), and to wear comfortable clothes that don't restrict movement. A sturdy belt that fits loosely around the waist is useful for some dances (optional).

The workshop is led by Moni who is half Bulgarian. She trained in contemporary dance at Middlesex Polytechnic, and in Bulgarian Folk Dance in Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

Bulgarian Storytelling Workshops


Bulgarian traditional tales are rich, powerful, many-layered and almost unknown in the West. Workshops combine skills-learning with cultural content and with the exploration of some of the inner mysteries of the world of myth and fairytale.

These sessions explore storytelling techniques and processes at work with Bulgarian myths and folk tales. They are specially designed to meet individual requirement. Examples include:

  • Beginners workshops: participants learn some Bulgarian tales and the basic techniques of good storytelling in a friendly, relaxed and informal atmosphere.

  • Workshops for those with some experience: Themes include
    Samodivi: Wild Women in Bulgarian Tales
    The Dragon's Bride
    The Use of Folklore and Ritual in Storytelling

Talks and Presentations


Talks and presentations are specially designed to meet particular requirements. Themes relate to Bulgarian tales, folklore, mythology and storytelling, and may be accompanied by demonstration from members of the A Spell In Time team, if appropriate.

Header image: photo from the London Bulgarian Choir archives

“Primal tales from the heart of Bulgarian myth and folklore...

A spellbinding mix of storytelling, ritual and evocative music”

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